Qmadix MiniUSB Rapid Travel Charger

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Qmadix MiniUSB Rapid Travel Charger

Qmadix MiniUSB Rapid Travel Charger
  • Manufacturer: Qmadix



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This MiniUSB travel chargers was designed and developed for people on the go. Appealing style and small design have made this travel charger perfect for taking anywhere you want to go. The versatile USB cord, designed especially for the phone, plugs directly into your USB port on a laptop or desktop. Rapidly charges battery from computer or wall outlet without overheating, built to OEM specification to provide highest performance, UL, FCC, RoHs, & CE approved.

  • Manufacturer: Qmadix


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Qmadix MiniUSB Rapid Travel Charger

Qmadix MiniUSB Rapid Travel Charger

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Qmadix MiniUSB Rapid Travel Charger

Qmadix MiniUSB Rapid Travel Charger
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