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We have compiled a list of popular software downloads related to printing, and the best thing is that they are Completely Free!

Digital Photography Related

General Printing Programs

Digital Photography Related

Alteration of photos/graphics

Irfan View

- Free and simple program. With this program not only can you change the way your graphics look but you can also create slide shows, cut and crop your graphics and convert your graphics and more. Ideal for batch processing.

Kodak EasyShare Software

- A popular software program for editing, sharing and printing your pictures is the new which makes it even easier to organize, print and share your digital pictures.


- ImageForge is a freeware image editor with painting and editing tools. Allows you to import images from scanners and digital cameras, apply special effects filters, and create photo albums and slideshows. Although this is teaser program for the shareware ImageForge PRO, it's probably a few steps above Microsoft Paint.

VCW Vicman's Photo Editor

This award-winning graphic editor offers a variety of painting and editing tools and features including a text tool, gradients, selections by color or region, color replacement, editing in any scale, special effects and so on. This free version is an enticement to upgrade to the Pro version for $29.95 US, so you can expect to put up with nag screens.


- Although it's fairly limited in features, PhotoFiltre offers a simple, but elegant user interface and a lot of one-click image adjustments, filters, and effects. There is a built in image explorer panel for visually navigating your file system, basic drawing, painting, retouching and selection tools, and batch processing capabilities.

Ultimate Paint

- Ultimate Paint is available in both shareware and freeware versions for image creation, viewing, and manipulation. It has been designed to be fast and compact, and if you're familiar with the old Deluxe Paint program from Electronic Arts, Ultimate Paint is said to be very similar. The freeware version is an older release of the full-featured shareware product.


- Picasa is free software from Google that helps you instantly find, edit and share all the pictures on your PC. Every time you open Picasa, it automatically locates all your pictures (even ones you forgot you had) and sorts them into visual albums organized by date with folder names you will recognize. You can drag and drop to arrange your albums and make labels to create new groups. Picasa also makes advanced editing simple by putting one-click fixes and powerful effects at your fingertips. And Picasa makes it a snap to share your pictures – you can email, print photos home, make gift CDs, instantly share via Hello™, and even post pictures on your own blog.

Sherif Photo Plus

- Serif has long been giving away previous versions of their software to entice users to purchase the current version. Currently you can download a completely free, fully-functional version of PhotoPlus 5.5, or order a CD and pay only shipping costs. PhotoPlus 5.5 features an export optimizer, editable text, image slicing and image maps, selection tools, smart shapes, and image enhancement tools.


- This is the English version of a popular free painting and retouching software that originated in Japan. It features custom brush tips, multiple layers, masking, vector- and bitmap-based drawing tools, color, tone, and lighting adjustments, and multiple undo/redo. Like many freeware editors, there is no support for saving GIF format. Also available for many other languages.

ADG Panorama Tools 5.0

- This program lets you from a series of photos quickly and easily generate, edit & embed publish 360 degrees interactive panoramic composition on the Web. ADG Panorama can be viewed through.

ADG Java Viewer 4.0 that eliminates any plug-in installation and gives a platform independent use on the Internet.

Make 3D images from 2D graphics!

- PhotoModeler Lite is a program that allows you to extract measurements and 3D models from photos. To use it, you simply need to take several photos of a scene or an object and open them in the program. Then mark each photo with the mouse, tracing and tagging features of interest. The program combines the photos and locates the marked features in 3D, and then creates 3D points, 3D lines, surface meshes, and cylinders. These may then be exported in DXF, 3DS, and VRML formats. Don't worry if you don't quite understand it, the included tutorial will help you through each step.

Picture Shark

– This program allows you to "stamp" visible logos or text on their image files. Features include: Wizard-like interface, making it easy to use; the ability to create real watermarks; the ability to choose transparent color, opacity, position and much more; a "feather"-feature to make the edges between the stamp and the picture smarter; very fast (processing hundreds of pictures each minute); support for different output formats and quality settings; and WYSIWYG preview-mode for all settings.

Organizing of photos/graphics


This program is the easiest, fastest way to get your photos on the Web. Albumatic can take your photos all the way from a scanner to your Web site all by itself. TWAIN and FTP support are built-in. If you've already got JPEGs around, it can take those, too. It even works with sites you can get for free from XOOM, GeoCities, Tripod, and others. You just tell Albumatic what photos to include, and it takes care of formatting them into a table. It creates thumbnails, if you like, and then links them to larger images. You don't have to hassle with HTML or image processing.


- This program is a free picture cataloger for easily building digital photo albums.

RagTime Solo

– This program is powerful DTP business publishing software for Windows and Mac OS. RagTime combines word processing, pictures, spreadsheet, drawing, charting, and slideshows, in an easy-to-use layout format. With RagTime you can design photo albums, invitations, travel diaries, budgetary plannings, financial statements and much more.


View, Edit, Print and Organize your Digital Photos with PhotoElf Software Package.

Photo Story 3 for Windows by Microsoft.

- Breathe more life into your favorite memories with Photo Story 3 for Windows® by adding motion, effects, music, and more to your digital photos. Let Photo Story animate your photos automatically or create your own effects with pan and zoom options. And transitions, captions, and titles give your story a professional look. Personalize your creations by enhancing the story with commentary captured in your own voice. Create a soundtrack using your music library, or compose original tunes with only a few clicks using create music feature. Photo Story reduces the size of your photos without losing quality, so sharing your creations via the Web or e-mail is simple.

Saving money on printing photos/graphics

Easy JPEG Printer

- Excellent tool for printing photos. If you have a digital camera, you probably have noticed that special print paper is very expensive. You also may have noticed that many of the sophisticated graphics programs don't make it easy to print snapshots from digital images. This program makes it simple to print 4" x 6" or 3" x 5" pictures on one sheet of paper. Includes many additional features!

Photo Paper Saver

- This program lets you make lots of photo reprints quickly, easily, and save money at the same time. The program will automatically layout all your different prints using the LEAST amount of space so you waste less photo paper when you cut them out.

General Printing Programs

Printing your Faxes or email


- This program lets you create, print and fax personalized fax cover sheets. Your cover sheets can include any bitmap picture and FancyFax comes with starter clip-art. You can also choose your layout styles and fonts. If you have a FaxModem installed, you can use FancyFax to fax quick, one-page messages.

Impact ColorFax

– This program is designed for users who need a simple and effective PC color faxing software solution. Impact Color Fax is designed to run on Windows NT 4.0/Win2000/XP and Win95/98/ME, and offers many features.

InterPrint – This program is an Internet email management and printing solution. With this program important messages sent to your email account can be automatically printed to your printer, and waiting for you when you arrive. Benefits include: Web-based browsing of print job status; printing from anywhere; printing anything; submit jobs as printer formatted data streams or in the native application format.


- This program works with fax modems to automatically print and save incoming fax calls. Incoming faxes are routed and printed to the Windows default printer. Incoming faxes are logged with the time, date and status info.

Turning your scanner to a copy machine

Art-Copy 3.0

– Your scanner can be turned into a copier or fax by using this program. Use your scanner to copy in color/greyscale and print it out on any printer. Or if you have a FAX Modem, it will let you scan a document to a FAX Modem. This program is easy to use and comes with full support for most printers. Comes qwith an attractive 3D, photo-realistic user interface.

Copying Machine

- Copying Machine works just like any real copying machine, but has some additional capabilities. For example you can save the images to disc so you can make copies of them in the future without having to scan them again. You can make a selection on a page in order to zoom in on a particular part. Another feature is that you can align an image so it is perfectly centered when printed.


– If you have a scanner and a printer why not combine those two into a copy machine? With this program, you just place your document on your scanners’ platen, start Photocopier, and press its Copy button. After a few moments your printer produces a copy of the document. The program has no difficult settings and is very user friendly.


Printing Labels

Avery Label Wizard – This program works With Microsoft Word to create labels that can be printed on any printer.

MultiCoverPrint - This program is for printing CD/DVD/VHS covers to fit a standard media case. It also includes an Internet Search for your covers. To do this simply specify what cover to find either being cd, vhs, dvd, etc. and type the cover title/name, an internet window will open with the results. Then just click and load.

UnderCoverXP - Use this program to easily print CD covers. It supports JPEG, GIF, PNG, and BMP formats and can automatically scale front covers, back covers, front and inside, inlays, DVD boxes, Playstation covers, and CoolBela LD001 labels to the correct sizes. Other types can be added via a configuration file. The program is easy to use and has a visual display which shows the selected images as they will appear on the cover. UnderCoverXP runs on any Windows 95,98,ME, NT4, 2000 and XP system and can be used with all laser and inktjet printers.



Printing images on your screen

Capture Express - This program lets you capture areas of the screen but unlike other capture programs which do not permit you to move the "grabber" once you start the capture, Capture Express allows you to toggle between a stretch mode and a move mode by right clicking on the mouse. So if you didn't quite get your alignment correct when you started your capture, simply click on the right mouse button and move the grabber to the correct alignment. Besides capturing basic Screens, Windows and rectangular areas, Capture Express allows you to capture items in a variety of shapes. Optionally place borders around the shapes and choose a masking color for the exterior of the shape. Some of the shapes available include rounded rectangles, circles, ellipses, diamonds, triangles, stars and other user defined shapes such as an octagon or house figure shape. Print, Save or E-Mail your captured images.

Hardcopy – This program is a tool that offers a quick and easy way to print the contents of your screen or portions of your screen while in Windows. You can save captures in a wide variety of formats. In addition, Hardcopy offers a large variety of image editing functions such as color and gray-scale conversion, several filters, and zoom, rotation, and flip tools.

Print DeskTop – This program automatically sends a copy of what's on your monitor screen to the default printer without having to copy the screen to the Clipboard first. It is easy to use, just click on your Start button link and your printer will start printing.

Print Screen 2001 - This program activates the PrnScn (Print Screen) button, which when pressed sends a snapshot of either the full screen or, by using Alt-PrnScn keys, the active window to the default printer.

PrintKey 2000 - This program is an excellent Screen Shot manager! It is activated when you press the PrintScreen Key, which allows you to capture the entire screen or any portion of it. You can then make changes to the screen capture and save it in a variety of formats including .gif, .bmp, .jpeg, .jpg, .emf and .wmf. With this program you can also swap colors, convert to grayscale or black and white, change picture size and send to the printer.



Saving you money on printing text

DoublePage - This program prints documents in a 2- column landscape format with about one page per column. Use it on simple or more complex documents. It is an easy way to save money on paper, and more importantly, help save a tree. This program is different from the rest because it has the ability to handle frames, footnotes, and tables.

FinePrint - This program is a Windows printer driver that saves ink, paper and time by controlling and enhancing printed output.  It lets you print large, documents in convenient booklets, or at 2, 4, or 8 up thumbnail size. Also allows you to preview documents, and delete unwanted pages. You can also create custom electronic letterhead and forms. Prints just as fast as printing the pages separately. Note: The free trial is fully functional but prints a small header line ad for the program.

PCBook2 - This program lets you print up to eight pages on a sheet of paper (four on each side). The booklet option lets you print pages in the proper order so that you can stack them up, fold them in half and staple them to make a booklet.

PrintFile - This program will enable you to print files fast and easily. The program recognizes plain text, PostScript, Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) and binary formats. It is an easy way to save money on paper, and more importantly, help save a tree.



Printing Forms

EZ-Forms Maker

– This program enables you to design and print professional looking forms. It includes a set of object-oriented drawing tools for forms, design and manipulation. Some of the features include: a multi-document WYSIWYG interface; support for printing or faxing; precision control over the layout (including size, color and fonts); and a variety of printing options.

Form Pilot – This program is designed for filling in paper forms (of any type) on your computer (No more typewriters). First, you scan in the form image. Fill in the form on the screen and then print it out. Note: free trial version prints out a small header and/or footer ad for the software.

Reform (FreeWare 8.0) – This program enables you to convert your dull forms into graphically enriched one. This is a printing engine for all accounting systems and is great for pre-printed businesses forms. This free version is limited but still has great features.

Miscellaneous programs for printing

Graph Paper Printer – This is an application designed to print custom graph paper in any size and colors. Numerous options are available through the dropdown menu.,fid,7735,00.asp

Printable Notebook lets you organize and print your personal data in the same manner a paper notebook does. You can print selected pages so that they fit into your paper notebook. The program allows you to create multiple notebooks with custom fields for each.

PrintFolder – This program lets you print the list of files located in any folder and any number of subfolders. It is easy to use, with customized settings. List filenames only, or include file size, date, time, attributes and more.

Mihov Picture Downloader – This program is a great tool for downloading all the pictures from one web page. This program is a useful tool for downloading all the pictures from one or several web pages. Just type in the address and the program will do the rest. With one click all the graphics will be transferred to the hard drive, without having to view every thumbnail.

SetPrinter - This program is designed to make it easy to switch the Windows Default Printer. Right click on the SetPrinter Icon in the taskbar, and then click on the printer you wish to use as default. The current default printer is shown with a checkmark.


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