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As we strive to give the best possible experience to our visitors, now PrintCountry.com pronounce the "Printer Detector" tool. With one click, you can list your printers and find ink and toner cartridges that are compatible with your printer.

Click "Find My Printer" button below to start.

Printer Detector Tool powered by FindMyPrinter.com - Patent Pending

Note: You must have Java Plugin installed on your computer.


Your privacy and the privacy of all registered users of PrintCountry is important to us. With this tool, we will ONLY access the printer(s) information on your computer. For more information please visit the PrintCountry.com privacy policy.


If you have any comments or feedback for this tool, please click here to let us know!

Find Printer Supplies: Three Easy Steps to Follow

There are some things to consider when you find printer supplies using the "Find My Printer" tool. Please proceed to the following four steps. Here is how to use "Find My Printer" tool:

1. Your browser should have a Java plug-in. If you don't have Java plug-in you will see a notification message. Follow the instructions on the notification message to get latest Java software.

2. With Java plug-in ready, click the "Find My Printer" button in the big box above.

3. You can now use the "Find My Cartridge" button. If you have printers installed on your PC, you will see them under "Printers Detected" heading. Click the "Find My Cartridge" button and start shopping.


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