Edible Ink - Printing Cake Frosting

Edible Ink - Printing Cake Frosting


    1. i560
    2. i6500
    3. PIXMA iP3000
    4. PIXMA iP3300
    5. PIXMA iP3500
    6. PIXMA iP3600
    7. PIXMA iP4000
    8. PIXMA iP4200
    9. PIXMA iP4300
    10. PIXMA iP4500
    11. PIXMA iP4600
    12. PIXMA iP4700
    13. PIXMA iP5000
    14. PIXMA iP5200
    15. PIXMA iP6000D
    16. PIXMA iP6600D
    17. PIXMA iP6700
    18. PIXMA MP500
    19. PIXMA MP510
    20. PIXMA MP520
    21. PIXMA MP530
    22. PIXMA MP540
    23. PIXMA MP600
    24. PIXMA MP610
    25. PIXMA MP620
    26. PIXMA MP640
    27. PIXMA MP750
    28. PIXMA MP760
    29. PIXMA MP780
    30. PIXMA MP800
    31. PIXMA MP810
    32. PIXMA MP830
    33. PIXMA MP860
    34. PIXMA MX700
    35. PIXMA MX870


    1. Stylus C87
    2. Stylus C88
    3. Stylus CX4200
    4. Stylus CX5000
    5. Stylus CX6000
    6. Stylus CX7000F
    7. Stylus CX7400
    8. Stylus CX7800
    9. Stylus CX8400
    10. Stylus CX9400
    11. Stylus NX105
    12. Stylus NX110
    13. Stylus NX115
    14. Stylus NX200
    15. Stylus NX215
    16. Stylus NX300
    17. Stylus NX305
    18. Stylus NX400
    19. Stylus NX410
    20. Stylus NX415
    21. Stylus NX510
    22. Stylus NX515
    23. WorkForce 1100
    24. Workforce 30
    25. Workforce 310
    26. Workforce 40
    27. Workforce 500
    28. WorkForce 610
    29. Workforce 615


    Edible Ink - Printing Cake Frosting

    Printing edible cake images has become a popular trend in recent years when it comes to social events. Weddings, children's parties, anniversaries, birthdays, and business inaugurations are among those occasions where edible cake images are commonly used and seen. These days, many bakeries - of any sizes - and homemakers have invested on specially-made edible inks and edible papers to create cake images for parties without causing harsh effect on the consumers' digestive system.

    Edible cake images blend well in any cake frostings. If done the right way using the right tools, any cake frosting would look appealing and delectable for everyone. Additionally, printing edible cake images is very easy to do and anybody can have limitless control in personalizing a cake depending on the theme of the party.

    Frequently Asked Question

    What are edible inks?

    Edible inks - printing cake frosting are specially made printer inks that can be consumed by people safely. They are specifically used in decorating all types of cakes for any occasion. Edible inks are also applied in cookies, pastries, and other freshly-baked goodies.

    What are edible frosting sheets?

    Edible frosting sheets are wafer thin icing sheets made of cornstarch and corn syrup used for printing cake images. They are designed to quickly melt away when put in contact with moist frosting. Edible frosting sheets may come in a variety of flavor and texture, but their edible properties remain unchanged so people can devour on them without worrying of any harmful effects.

    What are the edible inks - printing cake frosting brands?

    At PrintCountry.com, our vast collection of edible inks - printing cake frosting ranges from Canon, to Epson, to HP. We offer a wide list of choices of edible inks that is suitable for any of your printer type and model.

    Which printer models are the edible inks - printing cake frosting compatible?

    Our edible inks - printing cake frosting are compatible with almost all printer type and model. Among them are Canon's PIXMA iP3500, PIXMA iP3600, PIXMA iP3000, PIXMA iP3300, PIXMA iP4300, PIXMA iP4500, PIXMA iP4000, PIXMA iP4700, PIXMA MX700, PIXMA MP780, PIXMA MX870. We also carry edible inks for several Epson printers like Stylus C87, Stylus CX7000F, Stylus CX7800, Stylus NX215, Stylus CX9400, Stylus NX200, Stylus NX510, Workforce 310, Workforce 615, Workforce 40, and WorkForce 610.

    How do edible inks work for printing cake images?

    Printing cake images are done as normally as you would with your other printing task. However, instead of using conventional ink cartridges and paper, you would need to use edible inks - printing cake frosting and edible frosting sheets. Once you have installed your edible ink to your printer and already have your image ready for printing, place your blank edible frosting sheet at the rear of the machine. The icing side of the paper should be facing you. Check your printer setting properties and set the 'Print Quality' to 'High' to get the best results. Depending on your printer type, settings may have to be adjusted accordingly.


    Edible Cake Photos refers to edible images that are placed on a cake frosting, pastries, cookies, and other freshly-baked goodies. Edible cake photos are printed on edible frosting sheets using edible inks that can be safely consumed by people.

    Edible Paper refers to frosting/icing sheets that are used for edible cake photos. When buyin edible papers make sure to choose those that are FDA, EEC and Kosher approved for your safety.


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