Samsung SCX 4200 Free Printer Driver Download for Your Computer

Samsung SCX 4200 Free Printer Driver Download for Your Computer

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Premium Toner Cartridge Compatible for Samsung(s) SCXD4200A (Black)

Samsung SCX 4200 - Printer Ink Cartridges and Details

Samsung SCX 4200 - Printer Ink Cartridges and Details

Laser Printer Speed: 19 ppm Resolution: Up to 600 x 600 dpi
Flatbed Scanner Optical Resolution: 600 x 2400 dpi Bit Depth: 24-bit
Copier Speed: 19 cpm Reduction and Enlargement: 50% to 200%
Interface Connects Via USB

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Price Range:
Pricegrabber: $54.99 - $216.11 from 24 Sellers
Superwarehouse: $155.99

Review 1
Header: Good things come in small packages
Reviewed By: thefrankline
Date Reviewed: December 12, 2006

Strengths: SMALL Size -- it's the smallest laser printer that also scans & copies. Reliable -- this is a workhorse that keeps going, even w/lots of abuse. Ease of use -- simple to use, even for a technophobe.
Weaknesses: Yes, you can hear the fan, but it's just a bit of white noise. There's a few seconds delay before the 1st sheet prints, but then it spits out subsequent copies quickly.
Summary: Great product if you're looking for a SMALL, low cost multi-function laser machine and you don't care about color. For home users w/limited space who do mostly text, there's nothing else on the market that's even close.

This is the 3rd Samsung laser printer I've bought & they're all still up & running (ML-1710; ML-1740; and now the SCX-4200). They're sturdy little beasts that churn out thousands of copies w/no problems. Toner cartridges last for thousands of copies & can be refilled, too.

The addition of a scanner & copier, in the same small footprint, is terrific. Both functions are easy to use - though I did print out the whole manual & found the scanning instructions invaluable.

Remanufactured Samsung SCXD4200A Black Toner Cartridge

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Review 2
Header: excellent all-in-one printer
Reviewed By: utphfan
Date Reviewed: September 8, 2006

Strengths: Compact design, fast printing speed, universal compatibility
Weaknesses: loud fan noise
Summary: The printing and copying speed is quite fast. If you are using Linux, this printer, I guess,is your best choice. It works with my ubuntu very well. It have the save 'save toner' mode and is said in the ad to save ink quite a lot. There is no usb cable along with the printer, so you have to buy a cable separately. But the usb interface of this printer is mini usb ,just the same as that on the usual external hard disk, so you use that if have one. The cartridge along with the printer is only a 1000-page-starter one, not the usual 3000-page one. I think this is the trick Samsung want to cut the cost. The cooling fan on the side is a little noisy in the idle mode. If your cost of the printer includes a Samsung rebate, you won't expect to receive it soon. From my experience, Samsung rebate takes quite long time and they have bad reputation on it. My last Samsung rebate takes me almost a year, while there is no error in my submission.

Well, in a word, this all-in-one printer is pretty well and good for the price.


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