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Premium Refill Kit (Color) to Refill HP 60, HP 60XL, HP 901 and HP 901XL (HPI-4060C)

Premium Refill Kit (Black) to Refill HP 60, HP 60XL, HP 901 and HP 901XL (HPI-4060D)

Value Pack for Remanufactured HP 60 (CC640WN and CC643WN) Black and Color Inkjet Cartridges

Remanufactured HP CC640WN (HP 60) Premium Ink Cartridge (Black)

Remanufactured HP CC641 (HP 60XL) Premium Ink Cartridge (Black)

Remanufactured HP CC643WN (HP 60) Premium Ink Cartridge (Color)

Remanufactured HP CC644 (HP 60XL) Premium Ink Cartridge (Color)

Original New HP 60 (CC640WN) Black Ink Cartridge

Original New HP 60 XL (CC641WN) High Yield Black Ink Cartridge

Original New HP 60 (CC643WN) Tri-Color Ink Cartridge

Original New HP 60 XL (CC644WN) High Yield Tri-Color Ink Cartridge

HP Deskjet D1660 Inkjet Printer

HP Deskjet D1660 Inkjet Printer

Black print speed : Up to 20 ppm
Color print speed : Up to 16 ppm
Black print resolution : Up to 600 dpi
Color print resolution : Up to 4800 x 1200 optimized dpi color and 1200 input dpi when printing from a computer (on photo paper)
Duplex printing : Manual (driver support provided)
Display : N/A

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Review 1
A Stripped Down Basic Printer---Well Worth the Price - By David Thomson "Second Rate Eric Hoffer Imitator" (Houston, TX USA), February 8, 2010 (TOP 500 REVIEWER) (Amazon Verified Purchase)
This HP product replaced the earlier Deskjet 3930 version. It is well worth the price. I spent no more than fifteen minutes setting it up, including the addition of the software onto my hard drive. The print quality is excellent and the item is not too noisy. Dollar for dollar it deserves a high recommendation. The previous HP printer lasted about four years. I expect that this new one will work wonderfully until minimally 2014. What more can one ask for?

* HP 60 (CC640WN) black ink cartridge - Yield : 200 * HP 60 XL (CC641WN) high yield black ink cartridge - Yield : 600 * HP 60 XL (CC643WN) tri-color ink cartridge - Yield : 165 * HP 60 (CC644WN) high yeild tri-color ink cartridge : Yield : 440

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Review 2
Good for the money - By D. M. Landey "DML" (usa), October 16, 2009
Well i must start by saying i didnt get my printer from Amazon for 40 dlls, i was about to do it when i notice they didnt talk about the ink so i wanted to know if it came with ink (which usually all do), i went to the HP website and YES all of them come with ink but then i noticed...it was 10 dlls cheaper!!! so i went ahead and bought it directly form HP. It works great for the money, its light and the design is nice.
Only thing is that the drivers take forever to install but until now thats my only complaint and IT DOESNT COME WITH A USB CABLE so u need to buy one.
I would NOT recommend it if you have to print a lot of documents, this is just a casual printer for low use i would say but the printing quality is very good.


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