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HP D1341 DeskJet Printer Review and Features

HP D1341 DeskJet Printer Review and Features

Ultra-compact with 80-sheet fold-up paper tray
Fast printing up to 16 ppm black and 12 ppm color
Print laser-quality black text and vibrant photos
Easy photo editing and auto red-eye removal
4.5 lbs, (LxWxH): 16.6 x 12.43 x 5.6 inches

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Review 1
Header: The Print quality is excellent, but it still has its problems.
Reviewed By: A Kid's Review
Date Reviewed: March 4, 2007

I got this printer free with the computer I bought for Christmas. The print quality is very good and of course, I can't really complain considering it was free. However, the ink warnings this thing gives you can get extremely annoying. I'm still going on my 1st color ink cartridge, and from about a month ago, it's been giving me warnings that the color is low and should be changed, when it prints fine! I guess this can also be considered a pro because it means you get more ink than you think, but it's obvious they make these warnings come up just to get you to buy another ink cartridge and waste money when the other one is still perfectly fine.A warning comes up every time when I want to print and when I start my computer up and they cannot be disabled! Other than that though, it's a good printer. I've only had one paper jam thus far.

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Review 2
Header: Some problems but decent overall
Reviewed By: Andrew Walisch
Date Reviewed: December 17, 2007

ive had this printer for about a year. It came free with a pc purchase, so i will be basing my review on that fact.
The negatives of this printer are that it is extremely noisy. Ive never heard of another printer this loud.
Its very cheaply made so you have no physical adjustments. hp claims that this has a ink level viewer, but even after updating to a different driver, i still have not been able to locate it.
The pluses are that the quality for b/w is great. setting the highest dpi on a grayscale image gives you a nice print. I have used it for printing stickers/decals.
The color print on the other hand isnt good. it drenches the paper with ink so you have color bleed and smudging... that obviously leads you to another issue with ink cartridge life. Ive printed perhaps 30 high quality b/w/color (roughly 20% cover on each page) and have already replaced the color cartridge three times and black twice.
The cartridges themselves are about normal price for any printer.
The speed on low quality images is slow... even worse on quality items. If you are looking for just a basic cheap printer, this will suit your needs. if you have a business or are looking to print high demand high quality pages, this isnt for you.


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