HP DeskJet 5650 Free Printer Driver Download for Your Computer

HP DeskJet 5650 Free Printer Driver Download for Your Computer

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HP DeskJet 5650 Inkjet Printer

HP Color Inkjet CP1700 Series Inkjet Printer

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HP DeskJet 5650 Technical Guide and Print Inkjet Cartridge List

HP DeskJet 5650 Technical Guide and Print Inkjet Cartridge List

Up to 4,800 optimized dpi or optional 6-ink color
Up to 21 ppm in black, 15 ppm in color
Easy touch-of-a-button selection of print modes
Automatic paper-type sensor
USB and parallel interfaces, PC and Mac compatible; 1-year warranty

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Amazon: $155.00

Review 1
Header: Great Printer!
Reviewed By: Lynn B.
Date Reviewed: September 19, 2003

I purchased this printer to use at my office, because I needed something that could print color brochures and flyers quickly while producing a good quality image. I've had it for about two months now and I'm very pleased. I had a bit of trouble installing it on my ancient laptop which was running Win98 and had only 32MB of ram. According to the box, my laptop had the minimum requirements, but when I ran the software it told me that I didn't, and refused to install. I played around with it and finally got it to work and haven't had a problem since. I also notified HP about this problem since the software and the box say two different things. They are looking into it.

This printer is fast, does great quality prints and is pretty quiet. I also really like the sleek design. The picture above does not do it justice. I've been getting compliments from co-workers about how cool it looks. It really is nicely designed and doesn't take up too much space.

I've used HP printers for years and have always found them to last an extremely long time. I usually replace mine because I want a faster one before I replace one for breaking down. Also, I want to mention that I bought an Epson about a year ago because I heard about how great they were and I was very dissapointed. The Epson ink cartridges do NOT have new printer heads on the bottom of them, like HP and many other brands do. Because of this, the Epson print heads routinely dry out, get full of gunk and refuse to print, or cause a lot of smearing on your documents. I've had to take my Epson apart twice to remove gunk from it, and I am still not satisfied with its print quality. All other things aside, you should pick HP over Epson just for the shear fact that every time you put a new cartridge in you are also replacing the print head.

I brought my 5650 home tonight because I needed to print something on my home computer and my Epson was acting up again. Installation on WinXP was a breeze. I didn't have my cd with me so I just downloaded the software from the HP website and had no problems.

Bottom line: This is a great printer for the price and I recommend it to anyone looking for work or home office use.

Remanufactured HP C6656AN (HP 56) Premium Ink Cartridge (Black) Remanufactured HP C6657AN (HP 57) Premium Ink Cartridge (Color) Remanufactured HP C6658A (HP 58) Premium Ink Cartridge (Photo Color) VALUE PACK for HP C6656/C6657/C6658 Remanufactured Cartridges

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Review 2
Header: Fabulous Printer
Reviewed By: E. Campisi
Date Reviewed: November 22, 2004

Early this year, I wanted to upgrade my HP 722c to something faster with cheaper ink (are you listening HP?). So, I bought a Canon 560i, which is the same price as the HP 5650. After 6 miserable months of intolerably bad print quality (2 lines on every page come out squiggly, the black isn't very dark, etc, not nearly laser quality), which I now attribute to either a bad print head or a bad feeder, and not my own ability to line up the cartridges) I went back to HP, despite the ink prices.

I am SO happy with my new HP printer. The text is laser quality (you can print resumes and reports and be proud of your product) and the photos are great. I've printed out old black and white so far, and I can't wait to try some color photos based on the amazing photo that prints on your test page.

I had absolutely no trouble installing this on my Windows XP home system. Perhaps people who had trouble with this didn't follow the installation steps in the right order - I doubt that the problem is with the printer, but with the software configuration on some people's computers. I installed my printer in 20 minutes. The only glitch I had was getting the CD to run by itself, but I got it going manually.

I see from the other reviews that if your printer is going slower than you'd like make sure you have a USB 2.0 cable, and not a 1.0. They're cheap at Target. Mine runs fine (I'm using the Canon USB cable, at least it was good for something) I also hear that the newer ones now come with cables, but check the box before you walk out of the store (I got mine from Buy.com for $89 with free shipping, but was from older stock that doesn't come with the cable).

I can't believe the quality of the text and photos you get for your money with this printer. I tried Canon, but sorry Canon, your products are flimsy pieces of junk and your quality control stinks.

Go for the HP, whether it's this model or another one. You will get reliably great quality results. Those frustrated people who gave printer 2 stars were doing so based on their installation experiences, NOT the print quality, which is the important thing.

My only question on this printer is how long the ink cartridge will last. Although yes it's cheaper than past HP products, it's also smaller.

In the meantime, I will be printing out resumes that I can have pride in, and scanning in some photos so I can play around a bit more with this great little printer!


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