HP DeskJet 3930 Free Printer Driver Download for Your Computer

HP DeskJet 3930 Free Printer Driver Download for Your Computer

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HP DeskJet 3930 Inkjet Printer Technical Guide

HP DeskJet 3930  Inkjet  Printer Technical Guide

Up to 10.5 ppm black, 11 ppm color; up to 16 ppm black with optional cartridge
Up to 4,800 x 1,200-optimized dpi color
Compact, low-profile design, 80-sheet fold-up paper tray
Beautiful 4-by-6-inch borderless photos; 3-ink color technology
Simple setup, easy software, USB connectivity; PC/Mac

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Price Range:
Amazon: $129.00
Superwarehouse: $32.99

Review 1
Header: Decent printer - great price
Reviewed By: Pistole Pete
Date Reviewed: December 1, 2005

First of all, you should be forewarned that this printer does not come with a black cartridge. It does come with a color cartridge though. It would be nice if HP made all their cartridges the same size so I could use my old cartridges here. But that may not be technically feasible. So keep that in mind when considering the very low price of this printer - you probably will need to spend another 15-20 bucks on a black ink cartridge. Also, if you do order the black ink cartridge from Amazon, they are none too quick about it.

Even with the additional purchase of a black cartridge, I think the price for this printer can't be beat. I only need to print things up once in a while, and I don't print pictures, so I'm not looking for a lot in a printer, and the HP 3930 is very easy to set up and start printing with. The color works fine. And at least my old HP ISB cable works with it (also not included).

It does print pretty slowly, but it is very compact. The paper storage tray does not hold many papers, so printing large documents is tricky (and time-consuming). Once I finally get an ink cartridge, I will get refill kits from the Printer Filling Station, to keep from buying the costly replacement cartridges from HP.

Overall, if your printing needs are low, then this printer is a good way to go.

Remanufactured HP C9351AN (HP 21) Inkjet Cartridge (Black) Remanufactured HP C9352AN (HP 22) Inkjet Cartridge (Color) Refill Kit VALUE PACK to refill (HP 56/ 27/ 22) / (HP 57/ 28/ 22) Cartridges Premium Refill Kit (Black) to refill HP C6656 (HP 56) or C8727 (HP 27) or C9351 (HP21)

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Review 2
Header: Print Up
Reviewed By: Michael Kerner
Date Reviewed: August 8, 2006

There are so many times we often see the musts of having a quality printer for all occasions. Although it isn't actually a bad thing, it does become a important tool for our everyday computer use. That has been the case whether you need to fax a freshly printed version of a resume, or show a graphic chart of sales for your company. Well, the folks at Hewlett-Packard know exactly what they're talking about. They've been making quality printers for all walks of life. But, with the hassle of finding a inexpensive printer for those on a strict budget, than this is your key to a quality printer at a inexpensive cost.

The Hewlett-Packard Deskjet 3930 Color Inkjet Printer is arguably, the most convient, and easy to setup printer right now on the market. It just simply hooks through your USB port, either 1.1. or 2.0, and it will print anything you need to save on paper. It is easy to operate, and runs smoothly without any messy problems. The copies it prints up are neat and near flawless on a color or a black inkjet cartridge #21 and #22. Still, there are a few disadvantages though with the printer. One of them is that it doesn't come with a standard USB cable, you'd have to buy that on your own, and the same goes with the black inkjet cartridge. Although that is a must, you can still print black and white copies for your convience with the colored inkjet cartridge #22 by itself.

Despite a couple of add-ons you'd need to buy, The HP Deskjet 3930 is a well-certified printer for anyone who needs a good printer, without a inexpensive price. I needed this to replace a problem I had with my previous printer, and it works like a charm. I definitely recommend this printer a whole lot.


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DeskJet 3930 Consumables

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