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Original New OEM HP C8727 Black Ink Cartridge TwinPack (C9322FN)

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Original New OEM HP C6658A (HP 58) Premium Ink Cartridge (Photo Color)

Original New OEM HP C8727AN (HP 27) Premium Ink Cartridge (Black)

Original New OEM HP C8728AN (HP 28) Premium Ink Cartridge (Color)

HP Genuine OEM CR685AN (HP57/ HP58) HP 57/ HP58 Photo Value Ink and Paper Pack 100 4x6 Glossy Paper

HP DeskJet 3845 Ink Cartridge Guide and User Reviews

HP DeskJet 3845 Ink Cartridge Guide and User Reviews

Fast, up to 18 ppm printing in black, 14 ppm in color
Up to 1,200 dpi black resolution, 4,800 x 1,200 optimized dpi color
Optional 6-color printing; borderless 4-by-6-inch photos
HP PhotoREt III color; HP PhotoREt IV with optional photo cartridge
USB connectivity; integrated memory; PC and Mac compatible

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Review 1
Header: Very pleased with this printer
Reviewed By: R. Street
Date Reviewed: August 18, 2005

After owning another brand for the past few years, and experiencing a lot of technical difficulties and ink problems (the printer heads would get clogged with ink), I went ahead and bought an HP DeskJet 3845. I waited a few months until writing a review to see whether there would be problems that would emerge after regular usage. I am happy to report that this printer is fantastic. The printing quality is great, and the printer is low maintenance. I do not print a high volume of materials, so this printer is great for my home printing needs. Great job, HP.

Remanufactured HP C6658A (HP 58) Premium Ink Cartridge (Photo Color) Remanufactured HP C8727AN (HP 27) Premium Ink Cartridge (Black) Remanufactured HP C8728AN (HP 28) Premium Ink Cartridge (Color) Refill Kit VALUE PACK to refill (HP 56/ 27/ 22) / (HP 57/ 28/ 22) Cartridges

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Review 2
Header: Great printer for the home
Reviewed By: K. Bella
Date Reviewed: January 10, 2006

I've had this printer for several months now, and thus far, have been very happy with it. I don't print out a high volume of documents, so both the price and printer fit my needs perfectly.

I tend to only print out various Word documents and/or website pages, and the speed is not bad. I have also printed out some digital pictures, and they turned our surprisingly sharp. While you could tell they were printed pictures (compared to something like Ofoto), they are nice enough that you could hang around the house. I wouldn't use this printer primarily for digital pictures, however. While the quality is okay, it's not great enough that I'd want *all* of my photos to be from this printer.

My only minor complaint is that the cartridges haven't lasted me as long as the previous HP printer I had. After three months, I had to replace the cartridges which seems fast. It's one of the main reasons why I recommend not using this for digital pictures (not to mention I'm sure there are better quality printers out there that are geared towards digital photographs). So, yes, this would be fine for printing out pictures - occasionally, yes, but not frequently.

One small thing that I like is it prints pages in reverse chron order, page 3, page 2, then page 1. My previous printer printed them page 1 first, page 2, etc., so I had to shuffle through the papers and reorder them. Yes, a minor issue, but it was annoying if you printed more than 10 pages or so.

Overall, I would recommend this printer for the person who doesn't need to print a high volume of documents (or digital photos). For the home computer user like me, it's perfect.


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