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HP Color LaserJet CM1017 MFP - Printing, Troubleshooting and Ink Refill Guide

HP Color LaserJet CM1017 MFP  - Printing, Troubleshooting and Ink Refill Guide

All in One Color Printer
Network Ready/ 2.4 in Color LCD Screen
Print, Copy, Scan, Scan to E-mail
Direct Digital Photo Printing with Standard Photo Memory Card Slots
48.90 Lbs(WxLxH) 19.70" x 17.25" x 21.30"

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Price Range:
Amazon: $498.88
Epinions: The lowest base price is $446.00

Review 1
Header: Great Mac and PC compatible Color Laser MFP
Reviewed By: Hays Clark
Date Reviewed: April 4, 2007

This HP Color LaserJet CM1017 is great. It is actually weighs less then my old Black and White Canon D780. What makes this printer great for me is the ability to copy and the ability to print color reliable. It's a excellent printer and now I don't have to worry about here are my thoughts so far.

Installation, dirt simple. Unpacked it, plugged it in to network, and turned it on. The LCD screen is easy to navagate and it prints out a nice sheet on the current network connection status. It quickly found my DHCP, I went to the IP and did some basic setup. Then popped in the CD, added a printer, pointed Windows XP to the CD's driver folder and I was in business. Very easy. Setting up my Mac was also easy.

After using my PrintFixPro color calibration the prints were very nice. Mostly I plan on printing out Google directions and invoices but this is a great printer.

Over all everything about the printer is good, so it would take too long to list them. But there are a couple issues. People complain about the lack of Fax features, but I don't miss that at all. Use eFax! It's way better then a standard Fax machine.

So, the only issue I have, is that the Duplexing is "manual" which to mean's it doesn't have duplexing. This doesn't matter too much to me but it's pretty lame. The sibling HP printer all support duplexing, and I think this printer should too. Oh well. It does have software duplexing build into the driver which is sorta handy, but I think real duplexing would have been better.

Oh well... still it's a great printer, and it's great for mix environments like ours. Finding a good MFP for Macs and PC's is hard.

Original New OEM HP Q6000A Premium Toner Cartridge (Black) Original New OEM HP Q6001A Premium Toner Cartridge (Cyan) Original New OEM HP Q6002A Premium Toner Cartridge (Yellow) Original New OEM HP Q6003A Premium Toner Cartridge (Magenta)

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Review 2
Header: Very nice printer
Reviewed By: E.C.
Date Reviewed: March 31, 2007

First off - Amazon's description of this printer is wrong - it does not fax. I wish it did; but it doesn't. See HP site for more accurate description.

Ok, the main reason I bought this printer was because i was getting frustrated with my inkjets. For the last 9 years, it was always a roll of the dice if what i printed would come out ok or not. Now that the laser printers have come down in price (I was able to get this printer for under $600), I thought it might be worth it..
Although the real test will be a year from now, so far so good. The quality has been great. I have 4 computers at home, so the networking feature works wonderful for me. And I love the fact that I can stick my sony memory sticks directly into the printer and print without the PC. Speed is probably slower than average for a laser (compared to those that I've seen at work) but still ok when compared to my old inkjets. Really, the only issue i had with this printer was the price.. but if it lasts me the next few years with no hassle, then that would make up for the cost. Minor issues were the lack of a fax, and the size - it is pretty big - but that is to be expected with color lasers.

Overall I am quite pleased with the product..

Now, with that said, I can see how this printer isnt for everyone. I wont print a lot.. in fact i print very little.. so little that my inkjets would dry out due to lack of use. People with higher volume needs may not like the printer - as the number of pages that the toners are stated to last for is 6180ages- not sure if thats just the out-of-box toners-but i can imagine that not being much for a small office printer.
Also, its not a true photo quality printer. You can print photos with it.. and the quality is still pretty good..(good enough for me) but, if thats the main reason for your purchase, i would stick with a cheaper photo inkjet printer.

Anyway, hope this info helps.


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Color LaserJet CM1017 MFP Consumables

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