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Remanufactured Replacement for Epson T078120 Printer Ink Cartridge (Black)

Remanufactured Replacement for Epson T078220 Printer Ink Cartridge (Cyan)

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Original New Epson T078120 Ink Cartridge (Black)

Original New Epson T078220 Ink Cartridge (Cyan)

Original New Epson T078320 Ink Cartridge (Magenta)

Original New Epson T078420 Ink Cartridge (Yellow)

Original New Epson T078520 Ink Cartridge (Light Cyan)

Original New Epson T078620 Ink Cartridge (Light Magenta)

Epson Stylus Photo 260 Printer Review, Manual, Drivers, Troubleshooting & Coupons

Epson Stylus Photo 260 Printer Review, Manual, Drivers, Troubleshooting & Coupons

Photo printer delivers ultra high-definition photographs and documents
Incredibly fast print speeds; up to 5760x1440 optimized dpi resolution
Red-eye reduction; conserves ink
Borderless photos can be printed in popular sizes
Accommodates variety of paper types

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Price Range:
Superwarehouse: $89.99
Amazon: $51.00

Review 1
Header: Great prints, but it IS an ink drinkin' cartridge chomping printer
Reviewed By: Kathy Dannel
Date Reviewed: May 6, 2007

I got this solely to print custom Cds for a new business project and while the Cds look fabulous, I am shocked at how FAST I go through the cartridges. Yes, I read the other reviews and thought that it could NOT be as bad as they made it sound. Guess what? It is! If quality is important and cost is very secondary...go ahead and get this printer. But if you do not have lots of extra cartridge money lying around, keep shopping. I had to up my prices on customizing Cds to make even a few cents!

I like Epson printers and have had many over the years and this is the first time I have not been able to give a BIG thumbs up. I am giving it three stars because the Cds look great, but the ink consumption is way more than expected. I would give 5 stars for quality of product and 0 stars for cartridge use, so I averaged it to 3.

Epson Black Ink Cartridge for Stylus Photo R260, R380 and RX580 Epson Cyan Ink Cartridge for Stylus Photo R260, R380 and RX580 Epson Yellow Ink Cartridge for Stylus Photo R260, R380 and RX580 Epson Magenta Ink Cartridge for Stylus Photo R260, R380 and RX580

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Review 2
Header: very pleased with high quality prints
Reviewed By: A. Yamane
Date Reviewed: December 7, 2006

Like many people shopping for a printer this holiday season, I was also curious about the Epson r260 printer, but was somewhat dismayed by the many negative posts I've seen around the web. What I did notice, however, is that most of the comments were related to cost, and what I am looking for is highest quality, regardless of cost. So, I went out and purchased both a Canon Pixma ip6700D and a Epson r280. I also bought a whole extra set of ink cartridges for each printer, and bought the highest quality premium photo paper for both Epson and Canon. Here are my results:

After playing with both printers for the last 4 days, I have to say the Epson is noticeably a better quality photo printer. Now, this is with both printers set to the 'highest quality' print using the printer settings, and using all rcommended highest grade paper. I was actually slightly disappointed that the Canon Pixma ip6700D, with it's claimed 9600x4800 dpi, did not show a signficant difference in print to my other $50 Canon Pixma ip1600, using again, all highest quality components. The Canon, however, has a much better ink economy.. just last night, I printed 80 4x6 prints for Christmas to send Japan, and my cartridges were still not 100% empty. That bit, I was impressed. The Epson does use much more ink, and if ink cartridge costs are a major concern for you, then you may want to consider the Canon ip6700D instead. With the Epson though, the images are noticeably higher contrast, and I can see minute fine details where I would not on the Canon. Now, having said all this, all three printers I mention here are more than good enough for the average family. In fact, the prints I get off the $50 Canon ip1600 are so high in quality, that I wonder if it's worth getting the $200 Canon ip6700D. I have not printed any 8x10s, nor used the printers to test for text only, or business documents. This review is based solely on photo printing on 4x6 prints.

If you are a quality seeker, and cost is not an issue, I recommend the Epson R260.


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