Dell V313 Free Printer Driver Download for Your Computer

Dell V313 Free Printer Driver Download for Your Computer

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Value Pack for the Dell Series 21 Remanufactured Inkjet Cartridges

Remanufactured Inkjet Cartridge 330-5275 (Series 21) to use in Dell Inkjet Printers (Black)

Remanufactured Inkjet Cartridge 330-5274 (Series 21) to use in Dell Inkjet Printers (Color)

Original New (OEM) Dell Series 21 (330-5274) Premium Ink Cartridge (Color)

Original New (OEM) Dell Series 21 (330-5275) Premium Ink Cartridge (Black)

Dell V313 All In One Printer- Print, Copy, Scan

Dell V313 All In One Printer- Print, Copy, Scan

Combines printing, scanning and copying in one compact unit
Offers printing speeds of up to 33 ppm (pages per minute) black and 30 ppm color (actual print speed will vary with use)
1200x2400 dpi resolution scans impressive looking documents and pictures
Equipped with PictBridge™ connection for direct printing from camera
Built in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software makes documentation easier and faster
Standalone copy feature allows you to be productive without being connected to a computer

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Review 1
GREAT printer for the price! - By H. Martin (North Carolina), November 21, 2010
I don't understand why people are complaining about the ink. Most, if not all companies give you a "starter" ink set. These are not intendend for 100's of copies!
Ink is expensive for any printer. I have yet to buy a cartridge, and I will probably buy directly from Dell. They deliver very fast.
I find this printer well worth the money and it's excellent features. I have printed about 80 documents just off the starter ink and have yet to use it all.
It was very easy to set up, and do printing, scanning, and copying. I would highly recommend this product for home use and personal business. If you need to make copies each day and over 100, then I would suggest a business/office type printer.

* Dell Series 21 (330-5274) * Dell Series 21 (330-5275)

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Review 2
The Dell V313 is a wonderfully affordable printer - trichard1020 Fort Myers, FL Jan 11, 2010
I just bought the Dell V313 wireless printer. First of all I received it before the estimated ship date. Then, when I started using it, it amazed me at how great it was. Setting it up was pretty easy. Unfortunately for me my CD drive wasn't working so I had to download the drivers from the Dell support website, I also downloaded the wrong one. Dell's customer service technician was great. He helped get me the right driver for my printer and also helped set up the wireless capabilities. As for the printer itself, it's a wonder that I've lived this long without it. It prints lightning fast, almost like a laser printer. It has a powersave mode that turns off the printer so it's not drawing too much power. It's an all in one printer, meaning it can print, copy, or scan. The scanning function is also really cool. You can sit at your computer and have a document scanned to the printer without getting up to do it! All in all this printer is fantastic. I would recommend this printer to anyone who is in the market for a printer and looking for an affordable yet high quality machine. Plus, you can choose from three different colors!


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