How to Print Test Page on Your Inkjet Printer & Align your Printer Cartridge?

To check whether your printer is functioning properly or not, you need to print a test page. Moreover, at times you will also need to align the printer cartridges. Here are a few steps on the same.

STEP 1: Through the Control Panel

Click on ‘Start’; then go to ‘My Computer’. You then have to click on ‘Control Panel’. Click on the ‘Printer and Faxes’ icon.

STEP 2: Through the Printer Properties

In the ‘Printers and Faxes’ window, you now need to click on the printer icon. Right click on the icon and choose properties. Now click on ‘Print Test Page’.

In the normal course of events, printer cartridges alignment is only necessary when you are either installing a cartridge or replacing one. However, at times if the characters form improperly or the straight lines appear wavy, you need to align the cartridges.

STEP 3: Aligning Printer Cartridge

This needs to be done through the printer. Load a plain paper into the printer. Click on the printer menu button and then click on ‘Align Cartridges’. Once you select it, the printer prints an alignment page. After the printing is over, your printer ink cartridges has been automatically aligned.

STEP 4: Through the Computer

After loading the plain paper, you need to open the printer’s utility window. There will be a tab marked ‘Cartridges’. Click on it and you will see a box or a tab marked ‘Align Cartridges’. Click on it for the alignment of your cartridge.

This Article is written by John C Arkin, contributor of PrintCountry Articles.

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