How to Continue Printing When one or more of your Cartridges in your Printer says No Ink?

It’s actually quite difficult to continue printing if there is no ink in one or both the cartridges. Most printer manufacturers have made sure that the printer stops working from the safety perspective. However, there are some steps you can take if there is no ink in one of the cartridges.

STEP 1: Don’t remove the empty cartridge

If you are using one of those printers who do not function without the color ink cartridges seated in its holster, it would be a good idea not to remove the empty ink cartridge. Plug it back in alongside the ink cartridge that is not empty.

STEP 2: Printer Settings

Now you need to go to your printer settings. Out of all the options available to you, choose to print with ‘Black only’. Also, set the quality of the print out. There are various levels of quality when it comes to grayscale. Choose the lowest level.

STEP 3: Lie to your Interface

After the unseating and reseating of the empty ink cartridges has taken place, the printer interface will ask you whether the printer ink cartridges are old or new or full or empty. This question will be in the form of tabs. Pick the ‘Full’ Tab.

STEP 4: The Print Command

After this, the only command that needs to be given is the printer command. Remember, this kind of process might not work on some printers. However, the steps given above are successful across most printers in the market today.

This Article is written by John C Arkin, contributor of PrintCountry Articles.

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