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Credit Card Supplies

Credit Card Supplies

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Processing credit card transactions entails a few sensitive procedures. Nearly all types of establishments accept credit card as mode of payment. Therefore, to ensure that your business is able to steadily process smooth billing transactions, you need a few credit card supplies like paper and ribbon kits, paper rolls, printer ribbons, badge reels, sales slips and imprinters.

At PrintCountry, you can shop for portable imprinters that are compact, light-weight, and easy to use. They’re compatible with standard CR80 (0.030") size credit card and AP-1003-1 merchant plate, and can hold both 51 (short) and 80 (long) column two and three part sales slips.

PrintCountry also carries discount imprinter slips that fit the majority of manual credit card imprinters, and features carbonless paper with perforated edges to ensure great imprints and easy copy separation. Shop Now!


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