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If you're a music enthusiast who thinks iPods are too expensive, a MP3 player is the perfect alternative for you to bring your music anywhere you go. MP3 players are portable devices that allow you to store, organize, and play hundreds of audio files. You can choose from Apple, iRiver, Creative, Samsung, SanDisk Sansa, Sony, and even Microsoft Zune.

There are plenty of quality discount MP3 players available today that comes with the ability to play other audio formats like WMA. Some MP3 players have built-in AM/FM radio tuners - a feature you can’t find in iPods. Even better, there are MP3 players that let you connect to a device like a hard drive. And because MP3 players are among the hottest gadgets we have today, many consumers even create their own product review of different MP3 players they've purchased to help other shoppers decide which brand offers the better features.

At PrintCountry, you can find and shop a handful of discount MP3 players at your own convenience. You can now easily rip your favorite files to MP3 or WMA audio formats and quickly transfer them from your PC or Mac via a USB interface. You can even clip them to your clothes for hours of non-stop music.


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