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HDMI or High-Definition Multimedia Interface proved to be one of the most recent breakthroughs in technology. It now lets you experience the best possible resolution and highest possible sound quality from your home theater. HDMI has been developed through the combined efforts of leading electronics manufacturers and distributors like Sony, Toshiba, Panasonic, Philips, Hitachi and others. With the use of HDMI cables, you can now get the most out of your Blu-Ray disc players, personal computers, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, video projectors, digital televisions, and many more.


PrintCountry offers discounted Gold Plated HDMI cables for 1080p in various lengths, including 3 ft, 6 ft, 10 ft, 15 ft, 25 ft, and 50 ft. Unlike non-gold plated HDMI connectors, the gold plated HDMI to HDMI cables have the ability to resist corrosion 100 times better. And therefore, ensure a long lasting high quality audio and video for your HDTV, cable, DVD, home theater system, PlayStation 3 or XBox.


PrintCountry’s HDMI-DVI cables allow you to connect any HDMI compatible source to a digital display that contains a DVI port. They come in various lengths – 3 ft, 6 ft, 10 ft, and 15 ft – and are easy to install so you can get the very best from your high-end devices or gadgets at discounted price.


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"When my Epson 600 broke down right after an order, I called to find out if I could change from 600 to my new C84 but was told that you didn't have it yet but I could just call back in a..." (Tony C.)   read more...

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