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Xerox WorkCentre Ink Cartridges

The Xerox WorkCentre Series features multifunction printers that produce both monochrome and color prints. Models in this series serve as a copier, printer and scanner all in one, with touch screen functions that make office work speedier and more productive. They enable users to email or fax copies of documents as well. Print speeds go up to 75 ppm, and features duty cycles that reach up to 300,000 pages per month. Data can be password protected and encrypted so users are ensured that data transmission is always safe and secure.

The Xerox WorkCentre family is composed of the following models:

WorkCentre 35
WorkCentre 45
WorkCentre 55
WorkCentre 232
WorkCentre 238
WorkCentre 245
WorkCentre 255
WorkCentre 265
WorkCentre 275
WorkCentre 385
WorkCentre 390
WorkCentre 450
WorkCentre 450 C
WorkCentre 450 CP
WorkCentre 490
WorkCentre C2424
WorkCentre C2424DN
WorkCentre C2424DP
WorkCentre C2424DX
WorkCentre M15
WorkCentre M15i
WorkCentre M20
WorkCentre M20i
WorkCentre M24
WorkCentre PE16
WorkCentre PE16i
WorkCentre XK35c
WorkCentre XK40c
WorkCentre XK50c
WorkCentre XK50cx
WorkCenter Pro 745
WorkCentre M118
WorkCentre M118i
WorkCentre M123
WorkCentre M128
WorkCentre M165
WorkCentre M175
WorkCentre M940

WorkCentre PE120
WorkCentre PE120i
WorkCentre PE220
WorkCentre Pro 123
WorkCentre Pro 128
WorkCentre Pro 165
WorkCentre Pro 175
WorkCentre Pro 423
WorkCentre Pro 428
WorkCenter Pro 32
WorkCentre Pro 32
WorkCentre Pro 35
WorkCentre Pro 40
WorkCentre Pro 45
WorkCentre Pro 55
WorkCentre Pro 65
WorkCentre Pro 75
WorkCentre Pro 90
WorkCentre Pro 215
WorkCentre Pro 232
WorkCentre Pro 238
WorkCentre Pro 245
WorkCentre Pro 255
WorkCentre Pro 265
WorkCentre Pro 275
WorkCentre Pro 412
WorkCentre Pro 416
WorkCentre Pro 416DC
WorkCentre Pro 416Pi
WorkCentre Pro 416Si
WorkCentre Pro 421
WorkCentre Pro 421DEi
WorkCentre Pro 421Pi
WorkCentre Pro 535
WorkCentre Pro 545
WorkCentre Pro 555
WorkCentre Pro 575
WorkCentre Pro 580

WorkCentre Pro 635
WorkCentre Pro 645
WorkCentre Pro 657
WorkCentre Pro 665
WorkCentre Pro 685
WorkCentre Pro 735
WorkCentre Pro 745
WorkCentre Pro 745DL
WorkCentre Pro 745SX
WorkCentre Pro 765
WorkCentre Pro 785
WorkCentre 3210
WorkCentre 3220
WorkCentre 3550
WorkCentre 4118
WorkCentre 4118p
WorkCentre 4118x
WorkCentre 4250/C
WorkCentre 4250/S
WorkCentre 4250/X
WorkCentre 4250/XF
WorkCentre 4260
WorkCentre 6400
WorkCentre 6505/DN
WorkCentre 6505/N
WorkCentre 6605DN
WorkCentre 6605N
WorkCentre 7132
WorkCentre 7232
WorkCentre 7242
WorkCentre 7655
WorkCentre 7665
WorkCentre XD100
WorkCentre XD105F
WorkCentre XD120F
WorkCentre XD155DF

Models in this series work with a variety of printer supplies and ink cartridges. The WorkCentre 35 works with the Xerox 108R493 colorless staple cartridge. The WorkCentre Pro 535 needs a Xerox 113R288 (113R152) Drum Cartridge, while the 7665 printer model works with the 6R1220 Toner Cartridge.

Remanufactured and OEM versions of our ink and toner cartridges, drum units, and other printer supplies are guaranteed to work equally well, with high quantity yields. We offer them at lower rates that will earn customers more savings compared to normal market offers. Price match guarantee and reward system are being offered, as well as a 100% price guarantee.


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