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Sharp XE Series Carbonless Paper Rolls

The Sharp XE Series features a family of cash registers that are designed for speedy printing and are great for commercial use. They require the use of 2-ply carbonless paper rolls to produce customer and operator receipts, can have pre-programmed departments and can allow usage by multiple clerks.

Below is a list of models under the Sharp XE Series of printers:




Most of the printers in this series (except for XE-A401 and XE-A41S) use the same type of paper for printing: carbonless, 2-ply rolls with the first sheet in white and the second in canary yellow. They are 2.25 inches wide and 70 feet in length with a 7/16-inch core. Each case has 50 rolls.

The last two models in the list, XE-A401 and XEA41S, use white thermal black image printer paper that comes in a case of 50's. It is 2.25 inches wide and 220 feet long, with half an inch width of the core to fit spindles.

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