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Sharp FO Series Ribbon, Ink and Toner Cartridges

The Sharp FO Series is a family of multifunction fax machines, which offer additional functions such as copying, printing and scanning. Among its features includes: simple operation keys, fast transmission, auto-answering machine capability, stylish and compact in size.

This series is primarily a fax machine. The other functions printing, copying and scanning are secondary. Some models have dual functions. The other models have 3-in-one functions. The latest generation of this series has more sophisticated 4-in-one functions.

Here is a list of Sharp FO Series multifunction printers:

FO 50
FO 650
FO 760
FO DC500
FO DC525
FO DC600
FO 1450
FO 1460
FO 1470
FO 1500
FO 1530
FO 1550
FO 1650
FO 1660
FO 1660M
FO 1700
FO 1700 R Fax
FO 1850
FO 1860
FO 2150CM
FO 2550CM
FO 2600
FO 2700
FO 2700M
FO 2800
FO 2850
FO 2950

FO 2950M
FO 2970M
FO 3150
FO 3250
FO 3300
FO 3400
FO 3450
FO 3500
FO 3700
FO 3800
FO 3800M
FO 3850
FO 4400
FO 4450
FO 4500
FO 4550
FO 4650
FO 4700
FO 4800
FO 4810
FO 4850
FO 4900
FO 4970
FO 5200
FO 5210
FO 5220
FO 5250

FO 5300
FO 5400
FO 5450
FO 5500
FO 5550
FO 5600
FO 5700
FO 5800
FO 6000
FO 6100
FO 6200
FO 6500
FO 6504
FO 6550
FO 6600
FO 6700
FO 730
FO 7500
FO 770
FO 775L
FO 780
FO 8000
FO 880
FO 9000
FO 90X
FO B1600

The earlier Sharp FO Series fax machines use thermal black ribbon cartridges. The newer versions use ink and laser toner cartridges. If you are looking for ribbon cartridges, ink or laser toner cartridges for your Sharp FO fax machines, you have come to the right website. Our online store offers ribbon, ink and laser toner cartridges, and other peripheral products for Sharp FO series fax machines. All products are offered at discount prices, whether OEM or compatible consumables.


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