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Samsung Printer Ink and Laser Toner Cartridges

Samsung SCX Series Ink and Toner Cartridges

Samsung is one of the few Asian companies that have successfully made a mark in the global market. Through the years, Samsung has become a leading brand of high quality and high performing electronic products. Its line of products includes televisions, audio/video gadgets, home appliances, mobile devices, personal computers and printers.

Speaking of printers, Samsung has established itself as a manufacturer of reliable printer models. To address consumers need for a compact, multifunctional and economical printer, Samsung came up with several multifunctional printer models. Samsung SCX series is a family of multifunction inkjet and laser printers.

The following models belong to the Samsung SCX Series:

SCX 1000 Series
SCX 1100
SCX 1150F
SCX 3200
SCX 4016
SCX 4100
SCX 4116
SCX 4200
SCX 4216F
SCX 4250
SCX 4300
SCX 4321
SCX 4500
SCX 4501K
SCX 4520

SCX 4521F
SCX 4600
SCX 4623F
SCX 4623FW
SCX 4635FN
SCX 4720F
SCX 4725
SCX 4725F
SCX 4725FN
SCX 4729FD
SCX 4729FW
SCX 4750F
SCX 4824FN
SCX 4826FN
SCX 4828FN

SCX 5112
SCX 5115
SCX 5312F
SCX 5315F
SCX 5530FN
SCX 5635FN
SCX 5639FR
SCX 5739FW
SCX 5835FN
SCX 5935FN
SCX 6220
SCX 6345N
SCX 6545N
SCX 6555N

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