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Samsung Printer Ink and Laser Toner Cartridges

Samsung CLX Series Laser Toner Cartridges

The Samsung CLX Series Family is a line of multifunction printers that yields high resolution prints and are energy efficient. The CLX series is a scanner, printer, copier and facsimile machine that can easily store, process and handle jobs excellently. These qualities make the CLX Series suitable for any demanding and challenging office workgroup environment. As a copier, the CLX series is able to printout monochrome and color copies in less than 19 seconds. It has the capacity to multi-copy 1-99 pages at 600 dpi at the least. As a printer, its first print-out time in color and monochrome is less than 17 seconds. The scan function is compatible with Twain and has a resolution of 4,800 dpi.

Sooner or later, you would have to buy and maybe stock up on your CLX laser toner cartridges. If you want to save on your office supplies, opt for compatible or remanufactured toner cartridges. However, you have to make sure of your printer model and your source of compatible toner cartridges.

PrintCountry offers high-quality CLX compatible laser toner cartridges. We also offer new OEM laser toner cartridges for those who prefer original equipment manufacturer toner cartridges. Currently our online store offers compatible and new OEM toner cartridges for the following CLX Series Family:

CLX 2160
CLX 2160N
CLX 2161K
CLX 2161NK
CLX 3160
CLX 3160FN
CLX 3160N
CLX 3170
CLX 3170FN
CLX 3170FW
CLX 3170N

CLX 3175
CLX 3175FN
CLX 3175FW
CLX 3175N
CLX 3175W
CLX 3175WK
CLX 3185FN
CLX 3185FW
CLX 3185N
CLX 3186
CLX 3305FW
CLX 3305W
CLX 6200FX
CLX 6200ND
CLX 6210FX

CLX 6220FX
CLX 6240FX
CLX 6250FX
CLX 6260FD
CLX 6260FW
CLX 8380ND
CLX 8540ND
CLX 8640ND
CLX 8650ND

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